PGDY    (  POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN YOGA EDUCATION ) is apost-graduation diploma program for aspiring yoga teachers.

The aim of this course is to train and prepare deservingcandidates in   various   distinctive   aspects of Yoga   dealing  with integration of   mind ,body & soul .

The students are  trained   in   variousacademic, practical, and scientific aspects of different Yoga related subjectsto be   efficiently   groomed to facilitate   when they take up teaching. The curriculum inyoga help students learn the exoteric aspects of yoga and its therapeuticbenefits. It can also be used to enhance one's existing skills. Whether they'repracticing the art of Yoga or practicing the science of Naturopathy, yoga canhelp them excel in the field. The future scope of a PG diploma in Yoga   isimmense. This course is a skill enhancement course that focuses on the holisticand natural aspects of yoga and the body.

As a professional degree, a PG diploma in yoga   is agood choice if you have an interest in the field. With the development ofmodern technologies, India is becoming a global hub for yogic sciences andnaturopathy. With an excellent PG degree in yoga  ,  youcan expect to have a rewarding career in a burgeoning industry.  There are many job prospects in the publicand private sectors for those who have completed the diploma in yoga  .